Program for Yoga and Meditation Retreat (14, 15, 16 & 17th April 2017)

The program consists of a rich set of workshops, activities and relaxation sessions. Yoga and meditation will be a part of daily schedule that everyone is encouraged to attend. The venue is set in a calm and peaceful environment near Lake Moogerah. The entire event will be held over 4 days and 3 nights. Each day offers a rich schedule of events including kiirtans, meditation, yoga, sports, workshops and evening cultural programs.

Please note that the official event begins on Easter Friday and finishes in the morning on Easter Monday. The program includes a welcoming ceremony at 9am on Friday (14th April). The welcoming ceremony is an important event as we will have an opening speaker, a group event and will share useful information for the retreat. The program structure below outlines the daily activities and is subject to change. More details about the workshop and cultural programs will be available at the event.

Volunteering and Participation in Cultural Programs. If you would like to participate in the evening cultural programs or volunteer to help during the event, please email us your details. We are looking for event coordinators, cultural program organisers and help with various other activities. We would be keen to hear from you.



  • 5.00am Arise with Kiirtan and Meditation
  • 5.30am One-to-one Meditation Lessons (must be prebooked)
  • 6.00am Free period
  • 6.45am Group Kiirtan and Meditation
  • 7.45am Group Yoga
  • 8.45am Breakfast
  • 10.00am Morning Workshop
  • 11.30am Lakeside Walk


  • 12.00pm Midday Kiirtan and Meditation
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 1.30pm Free period
  • 2.00am Afternoon Workshop
  • 3.30pm Group Sports / Recreational Activities
  • 4.30pm Afternoon Yoga
  • 5.30pm Break


  • 6.00pm Evening Kiirtan and Meditation
  • 7.00pm Dinner
  • 8.00pm Cultural Programs

Please note: evening cultural programs will be confirmed closer to the event date.

Cultural program activities being planned are:

  • Dandia (Indian stick dance)
  • Live cultural music
  • Group skits and acts
  • Stage drama


  • Can we participate in the evening cultural programs ?
    Yes, please let us know if you have something you would like to present or showcase or share.
  • Are the meditation sessions for beginners or advanced practitioners ?
    The sessions are for beginners as well as advanced practioners.
  • Will there be classes available for anyone interested to learn meditation ?
    Yes, you may book a one-to-one class (at no additional cost). The group sessions are for everyone to participate.
  • Are the yoga and meditation sessions included in the booking cost ?
  • Are there workshops to choose from ?
    We will have more information closer to the event date. Please feel free to attend those workshops that interest you. Workshops are designed to provide a lot of useful information for those wanting to learn more about meditation, yoga and related.
  • Will there be question and answer sessions ?
    We are happy to organise Q&A sessions subject to number of attendees and available time slots. Please let us know if you would like to have Q&A sessions organised (you may register your interest during booking or on the first day you arrive).
  • How long would each meditation session last ?
    We usually have kiirtans first, followed by meditation and finishing off with a small talk on related topics. Midday sessions may be shorter (30 to 45 minutes). Morning and evening sessions are usually over a longer duration (minimum one hour).

Healthy Foods. Enjoy freshly cooked, pure vegetarian meals.

All our food items are pure vegetarian, freshly cooked using fresh, natural ingredients and without onion, garlic or mushrooms. You will be pleased to know that we promote satvic, plant-based and cruelty-free diets to nourish our bodies. Please note that our food items do contain nuts, milk products, wheat and gluten.

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Meditation. Morning, midday and evening daily.

Meditation in a group benefits most people who attend. At the retreat, you will have several opportunities to learn, participate and practice meditation with senior practioners. All sessions are free to attend at the retreat. Should you wish to arrange for a one-to-one meditation lesson, you will need to make prior arrangements with one of the organisers (note: one-to-one lessons are free of charge)


Yoga. Relax with our daily yoga sessions.

All beginners and advanced participants are welcome. You will need to bring your own yoga mat and please make sure you dress appropriately as some yoga postures involve stretching, twisting and bending.